A Guide to 'Ukulele Sizing and Choosing the Perfect Fit

The 'ukulele, with its whimsical charm and bright tones, has become a popular instrument for musicians of all ages. However, not all 'ukuleles are created equal, and understanding the different sizes available is crucial for finding the perfect fit. In this blog post, let's explore the various 'ukulele sizes and unravel the unique characteristics that each brings to your musical experience.


  1. Soprano: The Classic and Compact Companion

    The soprano 'ukulele is the smallest and most traditional size, known for its bright and cheerful sound. With a scale length typically around 13 inches, the 'soprano is perfect for beginners and those with smaller hands. Its diminutive size makes it highly portable, making it an ideal choice for on-the-go musicians or those looking to capture the iconic 'ukulele sound.

  2. Concert: Striking a Balance of Size and Tone

    Slightly larger than the soprano, the concert 'ukulele offers a balanced combination of portability and increased fret spacing. With a scale length of around 15 inches, the concert 'ukulele delivers a warmer and fuller tone, making it a popular choice for both beginners and experienced players. Its versatility and comfortable playability appeal to a wide range of musicians.

  3. Tenor: The Roomier Resonance

    Stepping up in size, the tenor 'ukulele boasts a scale length of approximately 17 inches, providing more room on the fretboard and a deeper, richer sound. The tenor's larger body size contributes to enhanced resonance, making it well-suited for solo performances and a variety of musical genres. Its popularity among professional musicians is a testament to its versatility and tonal range.

  4. Baritone: A Deeper Dive into the Bass Realm

    The baritone 'ukulele is the largest of the standard 'ukulele sizes, with a scale length of around 19 inches. Often tuned differently (typically to DGBE, like the highest four strings of a guitar), the baritone 'ukulele produces a deep and mellow tone, reminiscent of a classical guitar. Musicians transitioning from the guitar may find the baritone 'ukulele a comfortable and familiar choice.

  5. Pocket Ukes and Beyond: Exploring Unconventional Sizes

    Beyond the standard sizes, there are pocket-sized 'ukuleles for ultra-portability and novelty 'ukuleles of various shapes and sizes. These unconventional instruments add a playful element to the 'ukulele world and can be a fun addition to any collection.


Choosing the Right Size for You

  • Consider Your Playing Style

    • If you enjoy traditional ukulele strumming and melodies, a soprano or concert size might be ideal.
    • For fingerstyle playing or solo performances, a tenor ukulele provides more room on the fretboard.
    • Guitarists looking for a smooth transition may appreciate the deeper tones of a baritone ukulele.
  • Think About Comfort

    • Smaller sizes like soprano and concert are generally more comfortable for players with smaller hands.
    • Larger sizes like tenor and baritone may offer more comfort for players with larger hands
  • Explore the Sound

    • Listen to recordings or try out different sizes in a music store to discover the sound that resonates with you.


Finding the right 'ukulele size is a crucial step in your musical journey. Whether you opt for the classic brightness of a soprano, the balanced tones of a concert, the roomy resonance of a tenor, or the deep mellowness of a baritone, each 'ukulele size has its unique charm. So, take the time to explore, strum, and find the 'ukulele size that not only feels right in your hands but also speaks to your musical soul. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, the perfect 'ukulele size awaits to accompany you on your melodic adventures.